Guide To Buying Adelaide Property Valuation Real Estate

To go (much) further in the analysis of recent changes in trends for the real estate market in France, download our new guide to buying real estate in 2022 for free . You will find there a lot of information on the French real estate market as well as many tips and useful information for the purchase of your main residence or a successful rental investment .

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The zero-rate loan is extended until at least the end of 2022. It allows, depending on resources, to finance with a zero-rate loan the purchase of new real estate in tense areas or an old dwelling with work in less tense areas. . Find all our information on the PTZ 2022 .

In addition, for the past few months, the Action Logement employer loan has only been available for the Wikipedia financing of a new real estate project and with conditions that have recently been improved (doubling of the amount, reduction of the interest rate), etc. .

While waiting to see if the presidential elections and the establishment of a new government will bring about changes in the level of aid for the purchase of real estate, the support mechanisms remain the same.